Does A VPN Make You Untraceable?

People often don’t understand exactly what a VPN is doing and wonder does a VPN make you untraceable? The answer to that is that you are traceable to a certain degree and hidden to a certain degree, it depends on a few different things. One thing is for certain though, the better VPN service you use, the more untraceable you will be.

Short On Time? These Are The Most Untraceable VPNs

  1. ExpressVPN – Unlimited bandwidth for downloading torrents and streaming.
  2. NordVPN – Fast speeds for quick torrent downloads.
  3. Ivacy – Cheapest VPN option that also provides fast connection speeds around the world.

Does A VPN Make You Untraceable?

How Does A VPN Make You Untraceable?

VPNs work by routing your internet traffic through a private network. This is the service you are paying for when using a VPN service. Technically, this is actually still traceable, but there is one important part of quality VPN services that makes you untraceable. Most trusted VPN providers have strict No Logs Policies.

A no log policy means that there will be no records kept of your activity. When you use the internet through your ISP, they are keeping a record of all the things you are doing online through their connection. When you use a VPN, the activity is seen on the side of the VPN provider and not your ISP. As long as that provider has a no logs policy, there will be no record ever made of your activity, thus making it untraceable even if someone wanted to see what you were doing. There are however some less then ideal VPN services out there who do keep logs, this essentially makes using their VPNs useless because if anyone ever really tried to view your activity, there would be a log somewhere of that.

Can I get Caught Torrenting With VPN?

With the popularity of downloading torrents, a question people often wonder is can I get caught torrenting with VPN? The answer here is no you cannot get caught. The only way you would get caught would be if the VPN provider flagged your downloads, which honestly would never happen.

Always make sure you are using a well reviewed VPN service before you download any torrents. This is the only way to ensure you are protected from your ISP watching for copyrighted content being downloaded.

Does A VPN Route All Traffic?

Once turned on, a VPN will route all traffic from that device through the VPN. This does not mean that other devices on your network are being routed through the VPN though. You will need to run the VPN on each device you want to be protected.

Does A VPN Route All Traffic?

Does A VPN Make You Untraceable If You Use 2?

If you are using a recommended VPN you are most likely as protected and untraceable as can be. In the event you are using a cheap or free VPN though, you may want to use 2 VPNs. Routing your traffic through 2 less secure VPNs will scramble your traffic that much more and make it significantly harder to trace you.

Use A VPN When Downloading

The biggest thing to remember is to always use a VPN when downloading. Most of the time the authorities who are watching peoples internet activity are looking forward flagged download activity. The best way to mask this is to ALWAYS use a VPN when downloading. This way your ISP can only see the amount of data that is downloading but have no idea what that data is. As long as your VPN provider has a No Logs Policy, your activity will forever remain untraceable and anonymous.


You cannot be too careful when it comes to your online privacy. If you download anything, especially torrents, you need to make sure you have a VPN turned on first. The pressure ISPs face to monitor your download activity will only increase over time, the best time to mask your activity is right now. Make sure you one use of our tested VPNs to ensure there are no logs kept while you are connected.