NordVPN Review

Similar to ExpressVPN, NordVPN claims to be the “fastest on the planet”. With the use of their proprietary protocol NordLynx, this claim may just be backed up. Let’s dive in and take a look at NordVPN review to see why their one of the most recommended VPN services on the market.

#1 – Ease Of Use

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NordVPN offers an extremely user friendly interface that is also feature rich. The app works great on all devices and has more settings and locations available then most VPN services. It is really easy to log in to your account and you can even use the quick connect feature to connect to the closest and fastest server location. They really make connecting to a VPN so easy that even your grandma can do it. There is a reason services like Nord and ExpressVPN are at the top of the game and a big part of that is the usability of their programs. It feels really nice to use a VPN that looks slick and is dead simple and straight forward to use.

#2 – Locations


Nord offers over 5400 servers worldwide from a large variety of countries, making it one of the largest VPN networks on the market. You’ll have a real easy time connecting to or from anywhere on the planet with this service. Another key feature of Nord is that they not only have regular VPN servers for you to connect to, they also offer obfuscated servers all over the world as well. Obfuscated servers use OpenVPN to add another layer of routing and can be used to get around networks that block ports that VPNs typically use. If you need a VPN that will work absolutely anywhere on ANY network then NordVPN is the one for you!

#3 – Connection Speed


Connections speeds are really important when it comes to VPNs because the quality of your browsing experience can be broken by slow connections. We tested our speeds while connected to Nord and found that our connection remained exactly the same when we were connected or not connected. This means that NordVPN in no way effected our internet connection. This is a hard feat to pull off as a lot of VPNs do tend to slightly lower internet speeds. Thanks to Nord’s NordLynx Protocol, they can actually offer a uniquely high quality service that will be really hard for competitors to match.

#4 – Plans And Pricing


Pricing plans with Nord are actually really reasonable. They offer monthly, yearly and 2 year plans, and the 2 year plan comes at a whopping 65% off! Since NordVPN and ExpressVPN are the two services that are at the top of the heap, it’s pretty fair to say Nord wins since their best deal is an extra 30% more off then ExpressVPN’s best deal. The quality of service you are getting for $4.13/mo is actually unmatched in the industry and if you are motivated by good deals you really don’t need to look any further then NordVPN.

#5 – Customer Support


NordVPN has amazing customer support. They offer 24/7 support through live chat and email, and they also have a huge amount of resources available in the form of tutorials, guides and FAQs. We emailed their support to see how quickly we would hear back and it only took 15 minutes before someone had gotten back to us and solved our issue. With live chat their response times are even faster. If you ever found yourself stuck on an issue with NordVPN they are absolutely ready and waiting to assist you.