Why Should You Start Using Nord VPN For Torrenting

The internet has made so much more accessible all around the world. It’s never been easier to download and watch your favorite shows and movies, you always need to be aware though that your online activities can be watched. To ensure your protection, you need to make sure you are using a VPN when downloading torrents. We always recommend using Nord VPN for torrenting.

These VPNs Are The Best VPNs For Downloading Torrents

  1. NordVPN – Unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds. This is why we recommend Nord VPN for torrents.
  2. ExpressVPN – Unlimited bandwidth for downloading torrents and streaming.
  3. Ivacy – Cheapest VPN option that also provides fast connection speeds around the world.


Let’s Take A Look At Why You Should Use Nord VPN For Torrenting

Today, you need to be covering your tracks more then ever. ISPs are under more pressure to watch your downloads for copywritted material and governments are keeping tabs on people more and more. When you use a VPN while torrenting, your ISP is unable to see what you are doing, all they see is the data amounts.

Why Nord VPN for torrents?

A VPN like Nord VPN for torrents, makes your activity anonymous while online, which is exactly what you want when torrenting. Nord VPN comes with an added bonus though with their CyberSec protocol.

CyberSec is a propreitary Nord VPN protocol that ads an extra layer of protection. CyberSec protects your from malware and phishing sites which is a known danger of torrent sites. If you find yourself on a torrent site that is secretly a malicious site, Nord CyberSec will block it to prevent harm to your computer. This added bonus with Nord VPN really helps make using Nord VPN for torrenting the best bet!

Are VPNs Safe?

VPNs are one hundred percent safe to use. However, there are differences in the security measures offered by a free private browsing service (like Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox) and a paid VPN service (like Nord VPN). Although private browsing services provide these services, they are usually limited to these two forms:

  • They do not save your search history.
  • They do not record the search information other local data like cookies.

However, with a paid and reliable VPN service, like NordVPN the situation changes completely. This is because paid VPN service providers are not limited to masking your internet history only. Still, they also hide your IP addresses, provide you with alternate locations, military-grade online security, cloud storage, file encryption, and many, many more. Moreover, these VPN service providers keep upgrading their security features regularly, and thus they make it hard for cybercriminals to execute any of their plans.

nord vpn for torrents

Are VPNs Legal?

The answer to this question is yes. VPNs are entirely legal in the US and almost every country globally except some (e.g., North Korea, Iraq, China, and Russia). But VPNs being legal means that everything that remains illegal without a VPN will still remain illegal. For example, you are still barred from torrenting a copyrighted material even if you use a VPN.

Are VPNs Worth it?

Yes! We live in the age of technology, and we are privileged enough to have a connection to the internet. But at the same time, a cybercriminal also has access to the same technology. If he somehow gets to know about your IP address, it will be a matter of a second before he gets access to all of your personal and private information. If you shop online often or prefer online banking, then you are more prone to these attackers.

Having a VPN service by your side can easily help you escape the notorious activities of these cybercriminals. Not only that, but you can also keep yourself safe from the prying eyes of government agencies. With a VPN, you can quickly secure your private and financial information. With a VPN, you can also protect yourself while using public Wi-Fi.

With all of your main queries answered, let’s move forward to hear about a VPN service that can provide you with an impeccable level of online security.


Nord VPN is one of the world’s largest and renowned VPN service providers. It was initially released in February of 2012 and is now being used widely all around the globe.

NordVPN is undoubtedly one of the most popular VPNs on the market for offering a high degree of data encryption and its strict data protection policy.

This article will give detailed information about NordVPN, what are its benefits of use and some information of interest that can be used for contracting its services.

On which Platforms Nord VPN can be Used?

Nord VPN can be used by:

  • PC users
  • Laptop users
  • Smartphone users
  • Smart-TV users.

Who Can Use Nord VPN?

Nord VPN’s service is available to various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and macOS.

Where is Nord VPN Available?

Nord VPN has more than 5300 services available in 59 countries. They include Australia, UK, United States, France, Spain, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, Canada, etc. This worldwide availability of Nord VPN makes it popular among its users and other competitors.

What to Enjoy with Nord VPN?

Nord VPN is not only about protecting your browsing history. It provides a wide array of different features necessary for giving you concrete online protection. These features include:

  • Use of a single account on multiple devices.
  • Easy-to-use; can be used on any device whether it is com[puter, tablet, mobile, or laptop.
  • Impenetrable security that stops everyone except you from getting access to your internet.
  • Global access allows you to use it almost everywhere in the world.
  • The faster speed does not compromise your internet surfing experience.
  • A dedicated IP address will only be used by you.
  • 24/7 customer support from experts to answer all of your queries.
  • Seamless experience for sports lovers many others.

Nord VPN for Business

If you are a business owner who performs most of your activity online, then using Nord VPN might be the best option for your internet security. With Nord VPN, you can guarantee the protection of your remote team and safeguard your business from every type of cyber threat. Not only that, but your employees can also get access to every material related to your business, even the restricted one. Give it a must try!


NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN service software among users for its technical characteristics . Its excellent data protection policy, its security, the speed of its servers and its stability are qualities highly valued by all those who want a VPN service.