IPVanish Review

IPVanish has been providing VPN services for over 8 years now and they have since proven themselves to be a top company in the VPN world. With simplicity and privacy at the forefront of their vision, they have offered up a user-friendly and trustworthy service. In this review we’ll take a look at what IPVanish has to offer.

IPVanish And Streaming

If there is one thing that we know well in the VPN world it would be that the majority of VPN users are looking to access geo-blocked streaming libraries. Gone are the days of free VPNs getting around geo-blocks and now even some of the more known VPN companies are struggling to provide servers that can get around them. We wanted to put IPVanish to the test so we tried to access various streaming services while connected to a US server on their VPN. Impressively enough, IPVanish was able to access all the services we tested without a problem. The services we tested were as follows:

  1. Netflix – Unblocked
  2. Prime – Unblocked
  3. Disney+ – Unblocked
  4. HBO GO – Unblocked
  5. Peacock – Unblocked
  6. Hulu – Unblocked
  7. Paramount+ – Unblocked
  8. Apple TV+ – Unblocked
  9. Discovery+ – Unblocked
  10. ESPN+ – Unblocked
  11. Starz Play – Unblocked
  12. Roku TV – Unblocked

All of these services were tested while connected to a Chicago, United States server. Typically, when a VPN can get past the bigger streaming services geo-blocks, it is safe to assume it can access the majority of sites and services out there. With everything looking good on this end, it is safe to add IPVanish to the list of VPNs that work for streaming services.

How is the speed of IPVanish?

Speed is an extremely important factor when it comes to VPNs. There have been many advances in the industry over the years and speed is becoming less of a problem as time goes on. Even with these advances, there are still VPNs that will have a negative impact on your internet speed. We set out with an idea to test the overall speed of IPVanish across an entire 24 hours while connected to their servers. We took hourly speed tests over the 24 hour period using the google internet speed test and were pleasantly surprised to see a very steady speed of between 14-15 mbps. This is actually really good since we are on a connection that tests around 15 mbps while not connected to a VPN

Is IPVanish Secure?

Security is an essential part of any trusted VPN service and like many other providers, IPVanish uses AES encryption to secure your connection. This is pretty standard in the VPN world and while IPVanish isn’t doing anything new or amazing in the security department, they do make good use of a solid encryption cypher(AES). On top of that, IPVanish does have a No Logs Policy which has come to be expected of any reputable provider.

So now that we’ve determined IPVanish does a lot of things the same as other providers, what is something new they bring to the table? That would be their roll out of the new proprietary Wireguard protocol. Wireguard is said to be a faster, more lightweight and more secure tunneling protocol that has been developed in-house. They are currently offering a beta to IPVanish users who want to try out Wireguard.

We tested out the Wireguard protocol and determined that while we didn’t see any huge improvements, our connection speed was consistently 2-3 mbps higher then our tests when connected to their servers through the OpenVPN protocol. This ultimately was not a very noticeable improvement, however it is clear that their protocol is at the least on par or slightly better then the leading protocol for VPNs(OpenVPN).

IPVanish Review

IPVanish Compatibility

IPVanish is available on all major platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, FireTV and Linux. Like most VPN providers you can find their app in any major app store. On top of offering apps on all platforms, IPVanish also offers a solution to install their VPN on a router. Many other major VPN providers will offer router solutions, but it is nice to see IPVanish offer this as well since it is the best way to ensure you are completely protected while on your home network.

User Experience With IPVanish

Like any other application, the user experience is an important piece to the puzzle. IPVanish provides a slick and easy user interface that makes it very simple to login and connect to their servers. Their apps are fast and responsive and to put it simply everything just makes “sense”.

While the user interface is an essential part of the user experience, so is the companies customer support. We can happily say that IPVanish offers very responsive and helpful customer support. They offer direct support through live chat and email, but also offer phone support for US, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and Australia.

Final Thoughts

When you get into the main players in the VPN world, you will find that they all offer a very similar service. Whether it is the protocols being used or the security policies, what can really make a provider stand out is their innovation. IPVanish offers a lot of the same things we come to expect from VPN services, but where they gain credibility and stand out is in their development of the Wireguard protocol. Wireguard seems like a promising and worthy addition to the world of VPN tunnel protocols and seeing a company push forward innovation in this field is encouraging. If you are looking for a solid and trustworthy VPN provider, IPVanish will certainly do the job. We look forward to following the development of the Wireguard protocol and hope to see IPVanish continue to innovate in the field.