Importance Of Remote Work In Today’s World

After the pandemic, many companies around the world took an alternative route to work. Commonly referred to as remote work, it allowed employees to work from home. It was convenient for some, but it disrupted their routine and was a much difficult course of action for others. As time went by, people began to understand the importance and versatility of remote work. As such, it is now becoming more common with employees feeling relaxed while working.

With that said, have you wondered why people want to work remotely and what the benefits are? Frankly, working remotely is something many of us are forced with. However, there is more to remote work than one knows. Any place apart from your workplace that you work from can be called your workplace. You may likely be working from a remote location, perhaps outside the city or your home. This may not go down as work from home, rather simply as remote work.

Some of you may go through difficulties when working from home. It will take time to get used to, but once you are through with initial difficulties, you will likely enjoy your time working from home.

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Why Work Remotely?

Technically, working remotely is a necessity that is the result of a worldwide crisis. We may have done this type of arrangement in the past as well. History tells us that there have been moments when people were requested to work remotely. Many businesses operate from one location and hire their employees remotely. Remote work opportunity is important for a multitude of reasons.

Remote employees are free to choose the place they want to work from. Companies avoid putting unnecessary restrictions on employees to make them feel more comfortable. Working from the office is different as employees deliver the work on time and then go home. This is not the case when you work from home or in some remote location.

Why Is Remote Work Different?

As discussed, the workplace you work from has all arrangements in place. You sit in a nice well lit office and work on one or more powerful computers or laptops. Now with Covid-19 restrictions in place, none of this is happening. On the contrary, employers ask their teams to work remotely. Working remotely can be fun and exciting. You can download apps and tools to improve communication between clients, managers and the workforce. Apps such as Zoom, Skype and Slack allow all co-workers to stay in touch and communicate more efficiently.

Video conferencing allows businesses to arrange meetings and discuss important points. Checking feedback and improving team performance is no more an issue. Apps like 15Five allows managers to acquire client feedback and deliver it to the team. The team can make adjustments according to the feedback.

Assigning and managing to-do list for your team is easier than ever with tools like Asana. Managers use this tool to assign a virtual to-do list to team members. They also keep a track of an ongoing project and tasks to be delivered on that day.

Google G Suite offers a full set of tools and apps to its users. Managers use the suite as it provides them access to various communication, conferencing, productivity enhancing apps in a single bundle. You can also find and download software tools online to further improve your team’s remote productivity.

Is It A Preventive Measure?

With Covid-19 going strong worldwide and there is no sign of it going anytime soon, calling it a preventive measure is not far off. In fact, the term protocol indicates that remote work is indeed a preventive measure. With illness and chances of getting infected increasing by the day, social events such as gatherings and weddings must be avoided. Social distancing is in place, and remote work is the norm. Social distancing with a distance of six feet at least is helping people avoiding the pandemic.

The sudden and widespread pandemic is impacting in a big way. Keeping a safe distance is the order of the day. Working remotely can protect you from getting infected. Likewise, it also prevents your colleagues and reduces the possibility of all getting infected. The protocols are designed to prevent the virus from entering your body. Covid-19 can cause harm to you, but protocols are designed to prevent it from doing so. Make sure to follow the protocols to stay safe and continue working from a remote location.

What About Performance?

Work related performance is what employees are worried about. With remote work protocols in place, there won’t is a top performer, an employee of the month, or even quarterly rewards are now redundant. Instead, companies work on SOPs to keep employees motivated despite the change. They do so by providing incentives and rewards, recommendations to motivate employees.

Performance drops will occur, and losses will be incurred, but the management can do little. It’s back to the drawing board stuff for managers and HR professionals. For them, now is the time to consider new SOPs to soar profits and motivate employees. They do this by maintaining contact and staying in touch with clients. Meeting deadlines can be difficult, but it is achievable by maintaining deadlines and avoiding delays in deliveries.

Can You Work From A Shared Co-working Space?

Remote work can be flexible. Your only concern should be to deliver your work promptly. Arranging a shared space to work is a fine idea. The place might cost you some rent, but you can work with convenience away from the discomfort of home. Those who live with family and kids know how difficult work from home can be. Shared working space will not disturb your concentration and let you focus solely on work. Make sure you pick a workspace that suits your work style and offers all the required technologies you will need when working.

The Verdict

Remote work is becoming a new norm in this post pandemic world. The solutions and infrastructure for most businesses to work remotely has been put in place out of necessity in this unusual time in our world. It is undoubtable that now with the solutions in place, remote work will not go away. Companies will begin to adapt more and begin to experiment with different work flows.