Bypass The UAE Firewall

The United Arab Emirates has, for years now, been blocking websites and censoring content.

Etisalat is the only internet provider for the country and they are very quick to block websites and proxy sites that users can use to reroute their traffic.

Luckily, you can still access blocked sites in the UAE with the use of a VPN!

Short On Time? These VPNs Work Best For The UAE

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Hide Your Online Activity From The Government

The UAE has been strict with their control over their citizens online access.

Knowing that the government is trying to keep a close eye on peoples activities online, many users have flocked to VPNs as a means to protect themselves.

If you are using a VPN with Obfuscated servers, like NordVPN, then your activity online will be completely hidden from the government.

Obfuscated servers use techniques such as additional SSL encryption to mask traces of VPN usage in the data packets being sent.

Typically your ISP is able to see that you are using a VPN even though they cannot see what your doing on their network.

By further encrypting the data packets with SSL encryption, the ISP is now unable to see that you are even using a VPN.

This is very useful when in a country like the UAE since they are looking for signs of VPN usage to shut down connections to these VPNs.


Remote Desktop Your Way To Freedom

Another popular method of getting around the UAE firewall is to remote into another computer outside of their reach.

This is essentially the same thing as using a VPN but without paying for a service to do it.

The problem with this method is that you need to have a pc set up and running in another country in order to do this.

By simply remoting into another computer you can surf the web from that computer remotely.

This bypasses the UAE firewall and you will be browsing as if you are in the other country.

This is the exact process that happens when you use a VPN as you are choosing to connect to one of their hosted servers.

Some citizens who have family and friends overseas have made use of this tactic in order to gain unrestricted access to the web.

Final Words

Restrictive and controlling governments are not going to disappear anytime soon unfortunately.

Tools like VPNs and Remote Desktop offer ways for citizens to access the unrestricted web and view websites that their government has decided to block.

The most important thing in these situations is to make sure that your government is not able to see what you are doing or that you are even using a VPN.

Using Obfuscated servers is easily the best way to go completely undetectable when you are online.

Making sure to use a well respected VPN service like NordVPN will allow you to access Obfuscated servers and is always a safe bet no matter what country you are in.