Ivacy VPN Review

Ivacy won the Best Speed Award at the Pro Privacy Awards and on top of that it offers 2TB of encrypted cloud storage FREE…Let that sink in for a minute. The crazy part is that Ivacy is actually one of the cheapest VPNs on the market. Let’s take a dive into this review and breakdown Ivacy’s VPN service.

#1 – Ease Of Use


The Ivacy app is as user friendly as they come. All you have to do is sign in, click connect and your done. Easily browse server locations and view connection information all from the same page. With their app available across any platform you need it on, you would be hard pressed to have any difficulty using their service. On top of that their service offers buffer-free streaming which means it will make your streaming experience even better.

#2 – Locations


Ivacy have over 3500+ servers in over 100 locations. While there are services that offer more server choices, you will not find yourself in any situation where you will need more options then Ivacy gives you. Their servers are spread out amongst countries from all different continents and regions, which in turn allows you to have better connections no matter where you are in the world.

#3 – Connection Speed


Connection speeds can really make or break a VPN service, this is why one of the main tests we do when reviewing VPNs is check the connection speeds. We can say for certain that when we tested our connection while connected to Ivacy, our connection speeds were unchanged. Our connection speeds before connecting were sitting at 49.2 mbps and once we were connected to Ivacy they came in at 49 mbps. The .2 mbps difference is within normal fluctuation and we consider Ivacy to be one of the fastest VPNs available. This should not be to surprising as they were awarded the Best Speed Award at the Pro Privacy Awards!

#4 – Plans And Pricing

Screenshot (132)

If there is one area that Ivacy goes unrivaled in, it is their pricing plans. While their monthly plan falls into normal price points for the industry, their 2 and 5 year plans offer an amazing value. With 87% off on their 5 year plan the monthly amount drops down to $1.33/mo. This price is impressive in it’s own right, but they also add on 2TB of Encrypted Cloud Storage absolutley FREE. If there was one single deal in the entire VPN market that was the best value, this is it hands down. Even if you don’t need the free storage the quality and speed of their service at $1.33/mo is unbeatable.

#5 – Customer Support


Ivacy’s customer support is highly responsive and they offer up alot of different resources to assist you. Outside of their live-chat support and email support, they also have tons of resources in the form of video tutorials, guides and FAQs. You can rest assured that if you have a problem, Ivacy will assist you with support that matches any industry leading VPN service.