Five Best Streaming Services To Try In 2021

Tired of that dreadful cable service and want to get rid of it for good? That’s a great idea, so get started and call your cable guy to do the needful. Wait, have you thought about alternatives? How will you access media channels when you have no cable service? With many reputable and first class video streaming services available, that’s not a problem. Here we have put together a list of our top 5 streaming services to try in 2021.

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Streaming Services Bring More Options

Millions around the world indeed use TV cable services. Many of these services offer a fixed number of channels. Customers seldom have a say about channels they want to watch. Cable services also raise their monthly tariffs often for no reason. Worse, they do so without informing customers, which leaves them furious and frustrated. Any former cable service users out there can relate. There is another reason to prefer streaming services.

Many of these services partner with reputable content makers. Access to streaming service means you can watch variety of content under various categories be it sports, anime, movies, dramas and original series among others. With that in mind, start exploring streaming services already. Here are some of the finest streaming services available in 2021:

1.    Amazon Prime

For those who are passionate about online shopping, it makes sense to go for Amazon Prime. One time payment gets you two days of free shipping on your purchased items. You will also get a free Kindle book each month with the subscription. Not only that, but users also get access free of cost to other services such as Amazon Music and Amazon Prime Video. For first time users, Amazon Prime Video is similar to Netflix because it is home to original content such as original series and programs.

To undertake improvements, Amazon has partnered with some of the most prestigious services in the business. Partners like Viacom that controls comedy central and several other channels. Amazon Prime is one of the best television streaming services out there. The service should surely qualify as one of the candidates you should subscribe to in 2021.

2.    HBO Max

Love to watch movies on the HBO movie channel? Now it’s time to move to another level so start considering their TV streaming service. HBO MAX is arguably among the top streaming services in the world today. With competition rising, the service packs many goodies in the package for customers. As a subscriber, you get lots of perks and services. Your accessible content will include current run series to complete seasons of popular series. You get access to Veep, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Westworld, to name a few.

Other TV content is also accessible such as Kaley Cuoco, Wonder Woman (1984), and the Flight Attendant. There is a long list of movies that users get upon signing up with the service. Some of these movies were huge hits when they were released. Space Jam, Godzilla vs. Kong, and Dune are also available. The service won the Tom’s Guide Award for best streaming service for original programming.

3.    Disney Plus

Disney has a long history of providing quality content for children and families. The company also provides streaming services for customers looking to have access to top class streaming content. Disney enjoys some prestigious ownerships in the industry, due to which their streaming channel has many partners. Subscribers have access to some of the most well-known content in different categories. You can enjoy all 30 seasons of The Simpsons, and you can watch shows and movies by Marvel and Star Wars.

Want to watch streaming at your home with shows like WandaVision and Mandalorian? Try Disney Plus and enjoy all the shows that you had planned to watch this season. In addition, users also have the option to enjoy various display options. Enjoying your shows in 4k resolution with a high dynamic range compatible color palette. More features by the service are on the way.

4.    Hulu

If one streaming service constantly improves on its services and grows its network, then Hulu is your service. The service had humble beginnings with limited features on offer, access to a few channels, and basic resolution. It is one of the few services that also provide access to a mix of new and old shows, series, dramas, and children’s content.

Claimed to be a family oriented service, Hulu also airs original shows. Some of their popular original shows include all seasons of The Wrong Man, The Thick of it, to name a few. Anime fans would love to sign up for Hulu as it offers streaming of several highly popular anime shows from yesteryears. Paid subscribers need to bear some commercials, but the service is trying to reduce the number. Currently, the number of commercials has reduced dramatically.

5.    Sling TV

Although it sounds like a cable service at first, Sling TV is one of those services that have made gradual but notable improvements in their service. Today, Sling TV brings content from highly respected TV channels in the world. You can watch content by Cartoon Network, TBS, NBC, BBC America, and many more. Perhaps the best thing about this service is affordability. The price of the subscription is nearly half compared to other services. Customers also have the option to choose customized packages if they like.

The Verdict

Streaming services are the new norm now so make sure to explore your options, read about the top streaming services, and compare what they offer. Make an educated decision and ensure that you enjoy the best streaming experience this year. No matter what type of content you prefer, there is guaranteed to be the perfect streaming service out there for you.