ExpressVPN Review

It is a bold claim to say you are the fastest VPN on the market. If that is the case though, it isn’t hard to see why ExpressVPN is one of the most trusted names in the game. We took a deep dive into this service to get to the bottom of it. Let’s take a look at our review of ExpressVPN.

#1 – Ease Of Use


ExpressVPN could not be simpler to use. Upon picking your plan and signing up with your email, you will be given an activation code. Simply enter the activation code in the app on your computer, phone or tablet and you are all set. This is actually a little bit easier then other services that get you to log in every time since once you activate it you are set. ExpressVPN is available to use on PC/Mac, Mobile and Tablet and the application itself is very user friendly. With up to 3 simutaneous connections, you won’t be running into any issues if you want to use it on multiple devices at the same time.

#2 – Locations


Server locations are a very important part of a VPN service. What countries you are able to connect to is not only important for protecting yourself, it is also very important when trying to unblock content from websites and streaming services. With over 90 countries available, ExpressVPN offers plenty of location options for you. While there are some services that offer more locations, the amount of countries to choose from here will work perfect for the vast majority of users.

#3 – Connection Speed


The security and privacy a VPN offers can often come with a tradeoff and alot of the time connection speeds are that tradeoff. While factors such as your network and service provider will always effect your speeds, some VPN services do have a very noticable difference in connection speed. When we tested our connection speed without the VPN on we were coming in at 45mbps. Once we turned ExpressVPN on we actually came in at the same 45mbps. While this quality of connection speed can’t be expected with every VPN, it is apperent that ExpressVPN delivers a pretty seemless and fast connection for its users.

#4 – Plans And Pricing

If there is one area that other services have ExpressVPN beat it is definitely the price point. With a monthly plan your looking at $12.95/mo. If you go with the 6 month plan or yearly plan you are looking at $9.99/mo and $6.97/mo. While other services do seem to have better prices, the price difference is not that large and the main selling point is really the quality that ExpressVPN offers. How much does losing a bit of your connection speed matter to you? Do you need to have more then 90 countries to connect to? These are the main questions you need to be thinking about when determining if you want to spend a bit more on ExpressVPN or go with a cheaper service. While there may be better value plans out there, one thing is for certain, you will not find a faster and higher quality service then ExpressVPN.

#5 – Customer Support


ExpressVPN’s support are very responsive and helpful. With live chat there is always someone available to instantly begin assisting you. If you are ok with waiting a bit there is also the option to get assistance through email. One thing we found when dealing with ExpressVPN support is that they are very friendly, helpful and responsive. Some services don’t even offer customer support, or if they do it is spotty at best. With ExpressVPN, just like every other aspect of their service, you can always expect the best and highest quality support.