What Is The Best Gaming VPN For Android?

Have you ever tried playing your favorite game, with a VPN before? This article will discuss the advantages of using VPNs when playing games on your Android device, some of the common misconceptions and also take a look at the best gaming VPNs for Android.

Short On Time? These VPNs Work Best For Gaming On Android

  1. ExpressVPN – Unlimited bandwidth.
  2. NordVPN – Lightning fast speed.
  3. Ivacy – Cheapest VPN option that also provides fast connection speeds.

what is the best gaming vpn for android

Is It Good To Use A VPN When Gaming?

The answer here is that it depends on what you are trying to do. Using a VPN is particularly useful to connect to servers in other countries. Sometimes certain countries have stronger competition then others and using a VPN to play on different servers can have a huge competitive advantage.

The other main reason people use a VPN for gaming is to access games that are blocked in their region. Certain countries like India and China have blocked some games from being playable in their country. By using a VPN you can make it look like you are playing in a different country and the game will allow you access.

How To Use A VPN For Gaming?

It is super easy to use a VPN when you are gaming. All you need to do is sign up for a VPN service and download the app. Open up the app and sign in to your account. From the server selection screen you can select a server from anywhere in the world you would like and it will connect. Once you are connected you are free to open up your game and play in that country.

Does A VPN Affect Your Ping?

When you are using a VPN, you are still using your same internet connection. This means that the speed of your connection will remain the same regardless of if you are connected to a VPN or not. Sometimes low quality VPN services or free VPNs will have a negative impact on your speed and can cause your ping to be higher. This is why it is always suggested to use one of our recommended VPNs for gaming.

what is the best gaming vpn for android

Do VPNs Cause Lag For Other Players?

When you connect to a game with a VPN the only person affected by your VPN will be you. Other players will only experience lag based on their internet connection. As long as you are using a quality VPN service nobody will experience any latency from your VPN yourself included!

Can You Get Banned For Using A VPN?

A lot of people are weary of VPNs because they think they can get banned for using one. Luckily you cannot get banned for gaming with a VPN. When you are using a VPN nobody is able to see that are. Your IP simply shows up as a different IP from the location of the VPN server. This means that whether you are playing games on android or even playing games on steam from your computer, you are safe when using a VPN.


Whether your looking for a competitive advantage or looking to play blocked games, using a VPN for gaming on android is a smart idea. VPNs are fast these days and as long as you are using a well reviewed VPN service, you shouldn’t experience any lag because of it. Make sure to watch out when using free VPNs as they often cause lag and some games are able to block IP addresses from these services.